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2018 Halloween University Class
@ National Halloween Show

Class Code: TG01
Intro to Projection Mapping for Home and Professional Haunts
Tome and Tom Greenfield
Friday May 18, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Projection Mapping is the art of enhancing a real-world object with video to make it come alive. From Madame Leota raising the spirits at the Haunted Mansion to large-scale building projections, this class will give you an overview of what's possible, what's affordable, and how you can add projection mapping to your home or professional haunt.

Taught by immersive experience artists Tome Wilson and Tom Greenfield of The Mill Race Theatrical Company.

About Tome and Tom Greenfield

Tome Wilson is a senior art director and communication specialist with over 18 years of design experience. His portfolio includes a wide-breadth of agency work, Emmy award-winning technology, and Fortune 50 products used by over 27 million Americans. He’s best known for his advances in the fields of Immersive Design and Accessible Design.
As an Immersive designer, he leads the productions at The Mill Race Theatrical Company including: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Theater of Fear, and The Witches’ Summoning. He is also the founder of Séance Media , an event production company that specializes in fully immersive theatrical séances.
An avid technologist and Halloween folklore expert, Tome combines modern technology with the occult to bring the spirit world to life.

Tom Greenfield spent 25 years in New York working in both theater and film. During those years he worked for The Ridiculous Theatrical Company, Big Mess Theater, ABC Television, The Office of the President of the United States, The Tony Awards, and many others. His professional experience stretches from scenic designer, art director, scenic artist and special effects guru, all the way to technical director, producer, and director.

In 2011, he gave it all up to pursue his personal passions and The Mill Race Theatrical Company https://www.millracetheatricalcompany.com was born. The theater is dedicated to producing original scripts with a heavy focus on creating strong visual elements utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Their first production, Miss Lilly's Séance Parlor, was a contemporary look at Victorian seance parlors performed in an actual abandoned house. It was closely followed by The Poe Project, a look at the life and inspirations of Edgar Allan Poe from the perspective of his unquiet spirit.

A master artist, Tom now leads the artistic design, effects construction, and performing arts classes for all TMRTCo productions.

Price: $25.00

The presales for the Halloween Show are over. However, you can still buy tickets for the event at the door! Please come to the registration booth as we are here now at the Showboat. Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday - tickets are available at the door (May 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th)