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2018 Halloween University Class
@ National Halloween Show

Class Code: TR01
Introduction to Welding for Haunted Houses & Props. How to not be scared of welding!
Thomas Rogers
Friday May 18, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

During this 1.5 hour welding workshop, you will learn the basics of welding. Tom will guide you through the steps of welding your first joints. You will learn how to prepare, weld, and finish the welds. Learn how to not only make clean, beautiful welds, but also how to fix welds that aren't so perfect.

Example of a 100% welded Medieval Parapet Top to be mounted on a building for a Castle / Escape Room / Haunted House type of display

In this class you will learn what you need to know about basic welding using something you could easily use in your welding scenarios. You will be using a standard 120 volt system of Migg welding using light steel which is the majority of the scenarios you will come across.

This information can be very helpful in fixing weld problems, or fixing broken props right on the spot. A great must have skill for any maintenance person or someone in charge of props.

Sign up early to make sure to get into this class, it is a limited class and then will be taken down once full. There will be 1 welder kit in use for the class so each person will be able to take a turn using it as desired. Anyone taking the class is strongly recommended to wear leather boots and jeans. All shirts should be of solid material or long sleeve cotton shirt. Clothes such as polyester are not recommended as they can easily melt or get damaged with construction scenarios.

Welding Jackets will be provided for the person using the welder at the time but you are free to bring your own if you happen to have one or know someone to borrow one from

Example Below of a Welding project completely from Scratch. Entire Trailer built from nothing but basic welds on top of a trailer base.

About Thomas Rogers
Tom Rogers has been into mechanical things since he was very young. When he does not find himself working on construction, or plumbing, he has done extensive welding including repairs and rebuilding military vehicles from the WWII and Vietnam era. Tom has worked on Haunted House and Renaissance Faire types of projects and continues to be creative today with his passion for Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Price: $99.00

The presales for the Halloween Show are over. However, you can still buy tickets for the event at the door! Please come to the registration booth as we are here now at the Showboat. Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday - tickets are available at the door (May 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th)